The most flexible Destination Club model

The apex of the sun’s journey; the moment where departure and return intersect. Like the Solstice, the best travel experiences capture the promise and comfort of both points. That’s the philosophy behind Solstice. 

Solstice offers a smart and diverse alternative to traditional multiple homeownership. Membership in Solstice grants you access to a rich portfolio of travel experiences. From homes as varied as the iconic Uguccioni Palace in Florence to the contemporary Ellington apartment in New York City or the sun-drenched Casa Estrellas in Cabo San Lucas, when you cross the threshold into a Solstice home you will be transported. Each of the Club’s 8 distinctive homes embodies the spirit and character of their unique location around the globe. Luxurious, relaxing and fun, each home stands ready to encourage your adventures and embrace you with its comforts.

Whatever your reason for getting away, we promise you the thrill of traveling someplace new to live with the ease of being at home.
Welcome to Solstice.