Luxury holidays built around you

What is luxury? You just feel it in your bones, and the moment you enter a Solstice home - you just might catch yourself whispering "Wow." Since 2005, Solstice members have enjoyed gracious access to a selection of luxurious designer homes located in the world’s most desirable second home locations, hassle-free planning and property bookings through an interactive and user-friendly website, and personal service by dedicated professionals before, and during, each stay. Entering a Solstice artisanal home is to feel an elevated form of nuanced living, a new paradigm designed to deepen your connections with family and friends, spinning moments into precious memories. It’s just different - a warm embrace of being under one roof in a bespoke home you will grow to call your own. Yet the kicker is with no headaches of maintenance, you will feel like a guest in your own home

As one of the most flexible Destination Clubs available, Solstice members have 3 levels of membership to choose from: Signature, Platinum, and Sky - each with a designated number of Advance Access (AA), Space Available (SA), and Spontaneous Usage (SU) days - offering a truly flexible and customized approach based on your lifestyle desires. As the membership grows so will the portfolio of properties within an ideal member-to-home ratio of 6:1 to maintain the open and fluid calendar.


The Solstice Luxury Destination Club has a debt-free status, which we take great pride in. With a minimal one-time administrative fee upon joining, members simply pay dues to achieve this unprecedented lifestyle access. Solstice also takes pride in a high-degree of professionalism to ensure you receive superb quality and value. As a Solstice member you will benefit from one of the most generous home usage entitlements in the industry, and can feel confident you’ve made a sound lifestyle choice.

We invite you to become a member of the Solstice family, but we will be the first to say that Solstice is not for everyone; we welcome a conversation to mutually assess if we are right for each other. Upon receiving your inquiry, a member of the Solstice team will reach out to you.