Luxury holidays worldwide

Most expect the purchase of a second home to unleash vacation freedom; to the contrary, most discover it creates a burdened sense of responsibility due to financial obligations, under use, over-maintenance and restricted flexibility to other desired vacation alternatives and locations. Imagine a guilt-free, headache-free family vacation in your “second home” skiing the beautiful slopes of Aspen, watching the exciting finals at Wimbledon with friends or snorkeling the Caribbean waters of St. Barth with the ones you love.
As a Solstice member you have access to a collection of the most artisanal second homes in the world, presented with a unique mix of travel opportunities to be shared and remembered.

We believe your leisure time is precious and uniquely yours. The Solstice brand of hospitality is based on the notion that a Solstice member is a guest in their own home, and there for the adventures the setting inspires. In addition to your dedicated member representative assisting with your trip planning, each home offers a local team member to ensure a smooth arrival and daily housekeeping to enhance your experience, and make you feel at home.

Designer homes in most desirable locations

Homes that will make you feel like a long-time resident, with the same comforts you enjoy at your own place: we promise you an unforgettable escape from your everyday life. Discover our selection of luxurious designer properties and find your own “home away from home”.









Additional luxury destinations

Some of Solstice’s shareholders personal properties are at your disposal for a luxury stay in the world’s most desirable second home locations. Enjoy activities out of the ordinary from New Zealand to an ancient Castle in Switzerland, from a Texas ranch to a souk of Marrakech: as a Solstice member, you will obviously get preferential rates.








Solstice Club reviews

Who are Solstice members? A diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs... The thread that binds is a love of quality of life and nuance, an appreciation of the concept of living more by owning less and a passion for authentic connections with family and friends that bringing people together under one roof provides. Here are some snippets of their stories and why, in their words, Solstice continues to be right for them.

I have lots of people in my life, some who have more, some who have less. Solstice allows me to treat those I love and bring them together to share experiences that are sublime. Solstice Destination Club is an opportunity of a life.
— A.L. Solstice Member since 2006
With Solstice membership it feels just like owning your own portfolio of incredible second homes - just without the headaches, hassles and financial obligations of ownership.
It is elevated living, personified.
— J.M. Solstice member since 2007
The opportunity to feel at home in the best locations around the world is what Solstice membership is all about. This is the antithesis of renting a high-end villa, Solstice is my second home.
— P.H. Solstice Member since 2006
When I was introduced to Solstice Destination Club, I was evaluating purchasing my own second home but I couldn’t decide where...
With Solstice, I didn’t have to choose.
— P.B. Solstice Member since 2005



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